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News Alerts

orca leaping photo Below you will find links to a series of news alerts, press room articles, and informational resources relating to Keiko and his life!
  • News (2/10/2015): Miami Seaquarium Lies about Keiko to Keep Lolita
    “Far from a reason not to relocate Lolita, the Keiko experience is proof positive that relocating and retiring Lolita is doable.”
  • Press Release (2/2/2015): The Free Willy Keiko Foundation and Earth Island Institute Dispute Claims in PBS News Hour Story About Death of Keiko the Whale
  • Press Release: Documentary Keiko the Untold Story of the Star of Free Willy Acquired by Discovery Channel for Europe, Latin America and the Middle East
  • Editorial: Free the Elephants and Orcas in Captivity (Scientific American, March 1, 2014)
    "Such large, intelligent animals suffer when stuffed in a zoo"
  • News:
    Orca Whale Morgan’s Fight for Freedom Continues (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
  • Press Release: Documentary Film Keiko the Untold Story Weighs in on Morgan Debate
  • News:
    Saddest Dolphin Update: Over 650,000 Sign Dolphin Petition (CNN)
  • News:
    Morgan Update: Dutch court blocks export of rescued whale to Spanish park, orders research on return to sea
  • News:
    Granny (J2) The Whale’s 100th Birthday: Poignant and Inspirational
  • News:
    What about the orca they call Morgan?
  • News:
    Inglourious Basterds Star Eli Roth Blasts SeaWorld After Whale Attack (, 4/22/10)
  • News:
    Former animal trainer Ric O’Barry squares off against Jack Hanna, saying parks like SeaWorld are inhumane. (video,, 3/2/10)
  • Press Release:
    Time for a Federal Investigation into SeaWorld’s Negligence in Death of Trainer (3/1/10)
  • News:
    Killer-whale experts say: Reintroduce Tilikum to the wild (Orlando Sentinel, 2/26/10)
  • News:
    Orca from Oak Bay's Sealand linked to death of trainer at SeaWorld in Florida (Times Colonist, 2/25/10)
  • News:
    Death of Sea World trainer: Do ‘killer whales’ belong in theme parks? (Christian Science Monitor, 2/24/10)
  • News:
    Orca 'Baby Boom' - 'A wonderful' present for researchers, who were both celebrating birthdays (The Times Colonist, 11/13/09)
  • News:
    Praise for Bindi Irwin's debut in Free Willy 4 (The Courier Mail, 3/21/09)
  • News Alert:
    Feds boost protection for killer whales after being sued (CBC News, 2/25/09)
  • News Alert:
    Trainer attacked by killer whale at Loro Parque theme park on Tenerife (Typically Spanish, October 7, 2007 - 10:16 p.m.)
  • News Alert:
    Iceland stops whale-hunting quotas after low demand (Reuters Friday August 24, 2007 12:17p.m. BST ) – Nearly a year after ending its ban on commercial whaling, Iceland will not issue new whale-hunting quotas until market demand increases and it gets an export license from Japan…
  • News Alert:
    Sealord Under Fire Over Whaling Link (Television New Zealand, Nov 27, 2005)
    An American activist group is calling for a boycott of New Zealand's largest seafood company, Sealord. (Plus related video)
  • News Alert:
    Solomon Islands Tightens Ban on Dolphin Trafficking (Nov. 05)
  • News Alert:
    A Man With a Mission (Weekend Magazine, Nov. 05)
  • News Alert: [PDF file]
    A 13-Year-Old Works to Free Orca from Argentine Park (Tracy Press, Apr. 05)
    "You woudn't want to be locked in a cage." -- Ariel Imperado (7th-grader)
  • News Alert: Lights, camera, 'Maggie'
    The Donner's Company is teaming up with the environmental group Earth Island Institute and trying to increase the pressure on the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage. (Mar. 05)
  • News Alert: Marine World's Orca Angers Whale Lover (The San Francisco Chronicle, Apr 04)
  • News Alert: Keiko's Memorial Raised (Jan. 04)
  • News Alert: KEIKO DIES IN NORWAY (Dec 12, 2003)
  • News Alert: Russian Capture of Orca Whale Slammed in San Francisco (Oct 2003)
  • News Alert: New Book on Keiko Released: We Want to Return Keiko to the Ocean (Sep 2003)<
  • News Alert: ABC's "20/20" Segment on Keiko: What You Didn't See (HSUS, 1/28/03)
  • News Alert: Latest News From Norway (Jan 2003)
  • News Alert: News from Keiko's Veterinarian (Nov 2002)
  • News Alert: Field Report on Keiko from Norway's Taknes Bay (HSUS, 11/7/02)
  • News Alert: Keiko's Big Swim To Norway (Sep 2002)
  • News Alert: Where's Willy? The New Yorker's recent article on 'everybody's favorite whale' Keiko (The New Yorker, Sep 2002)
  • Press Release: Conservationists Hail Decision to Protect Orcas, Demand Bush Protect Endangered Species Act! (Dec. 04)
  • Event: Pre-Memorial Event for Keiko on Feb. 20 (Feb. 04)
  • Event: Keiko's Dream Memorial Event Planned (Date: TBA) (Dec. 03)
  • Press Room: Wild Orcas Could Soon Visit Keiko (Newport News-Times, 1/22/03)
  • Press Room: Other Orcas Expected to Visit Keiko (The Oregonian, 1/18/03)
  • Press Room: Everybody's Favorite Whale Tries To Make It On His Own (New Yorker Magazine, 9/16/02)
  • Press Room: Keiko Awaits Friends (Iceland Naturally, 12/13/02)

FYI Resources

General informational materials and resources from the Free Willy Keiko Foundation.

  • FYI: Frequently Asked Questions about Keiko
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