The effort to rescue, rehabilitate and reintriduce Keiko to the wild began in 1993 and remains an exciting and ambitious endeavor.

We would like to thank and acknowledge key sponsors, including:

The Craig and Susan McCaw Foundation
for their major role in underwriting the project from 1993 till 2002

Warner Bros
for major grant support toward moving Keiko from Mexico to Oregon

United Parcel Service
for donating the air transport of Keiko from Mexico City to Oregon

The Humane Society of the US
for grant support, scientific support, and ongoing project management

Earth Island Institute
for grant support, project management and in-kind support

Ocean Futures Society
for project direction and management from 1998-2002

The Free Willy Keiko Foundation
for ongoing project management

The Wendy P. McCaw Foundation
for major, and ongoing grant support

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